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A proper breakfast with local delicacies is usually served in your accommodation. For lunch and diner, there are plenty of options depending on the region of stay. Dining options in Colombia vary from traditional food in local restaurants to enjoying delicious and modern dishes in one of the many high-class restaurants. Traditional Colombian dishes include chicken, pork or fish, combined with beans, rice, corn or potatoes, and each region has its own characteristic dishes.

Get surprised by the vibrant food scene and its amazing value in Colombia’s biggest cities Medellín, Bogotá and Cartagena. Enjoy high-quality food in all types of restaurants while spending the night in incredibly atmospheric, modern ambiances. There are plenty of options to have a delicious lunch or diner so go out, wander around and try out as many restaurants as you can!

Outside the big cities, traditional food or a “menu del día” are usually offered, depending on the region. Try out local eats like ‘la bandeja paisa’, which is a platter from Antioquia filled with chorizo sausages, pork, beef, rice and beans, mostly served with avocado. At the coast you will find coconut rice with fresh fish. Try popular soups like the ‘ajiaco’ from Bogotá or ‘sancocho’. For breakfast, Colombians like the ‘arepa’, either with cheese, eggs or tomatoes. Colombian empanadas are great as a snack and start the night with the national liquor Aguardiente.

Colombia is home to many delicious exotic fruits, some of which you can only find here. For sure you will notice that almost every meal is served with a fresh fruit juice.


Empenada Colombia.jpg
Bandeja Paisa, typical dish from Antioquia
Coastal food with fish and patacon (fried plantain)
Mangosteen fruit
Chontaduro Fruit, delicious with honey
Arepa's a very popular food, eaten daily by Colombians
Fish from the Amazon River
Roasted Corn