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Coffee Region

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Colombia is the third-largest coffee producing country in the world

with 11,5 million bags of coffee per year. Its centrally located and very green coffee region reveals beautiful landscapes and a wonderful tranquility. On the sunny but pleasantly chilly mountainsides of the Andes, many traditional coffee farms can be found and it is the perfect place for a coffee tour in Colombia.

Dive into a world of coffee farming where small family plantations grow their coffee. Learn all about planting, growing and harvesting of the Arabica plants, which are still mostly picked by hand. Watch the traditional methods the farmers use to process and roast the coffee, and get to know the characteristic flavors and acidity of Colombian coffee.

Not restricted to discovering the world of coffee only, this area has to offer a lot more. Go for an adventurous horse back ride or a relaxing morning walk while enjoying the breathtaking environment. Witness the country’s incredible Orchid diversity by visiting an ‘Orchid Finca’, keeping more than 6000 different plant species of which 850 are Orchids. Visit a ‘Panela’ (sugar cane) factory or wander around in one of the cute, characteristic mountain villages like Salento or Filandia.

The famous and spectacular Cocora Valley reveals the world’s tallest palm trees, reaching up to 60 meters, making it Colombia’s national tree. Face the adventurous 6 hour trek ending in the valley or go for a more leisure visit. A peaceful stay in a local Hacienda is a finishing touch when visiting the Coffee Triangle of Colombia.

Coffee Region

Learn how Coffee plants grow
Typical Colombian man in front of pub
The highest palm trees in the world!
Take a picture with this Willy!
Wilson a local coffee farmer will explain the whole coffee process on his farm
Colorful houses
Grind the coffee you just picked yourself!

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