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Tayrona Park

Tayrona Park

The Tayrona National Park of Colombia covers a gorgeous 150 square km of land, with 30 km being a stunning coastline. The endless golden sand beaches are filled with coconut palms, swinging on the rhythm of the ocean breeze. The waves of the Caribbean Sea lap against the volcanic rocks. Behind the beach arise the thick jungle of north Colombia and the steep mountainsides of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Explore the park and its astonishing variety of flora and fauna by an adventurous trek or by a ride on horseback. Enjoy the constant change of scenery and amazing sea viewpoints. Cross mangrove swamps and lagoons, rivers and waterfalls. With some luck, you’ll spot one of the hundreds of mammal, reptile and bird species the park’s hosting. Pay a visit to a native village, being home to one of the indigenous Colombian tribes who live there, and learn about their way of living and their spiritual connection with nature. Or go to the village of “Pueblito Chayrama” to check in to its museum hosting a permanent archaeological exhibition and to pass by the archaeological ruins of the Tayronas, being older than 500 years.

For those who prefer not to be in the field all day: in the blue waters of the Tayrona beaches there are some ideal spots for snorkeling and swimming. Tayrona National Park is annually closed from the end of January to the end of February on request of the indigenous communities. There are various options for accommodations and hotels, being inside or just outside the park, or in nearby city Santa Marta.


Children playing
Hiking in the diverse landscapes Tayrona Park is an unique experience
Encounter local wild animals
Secluded beaches
The Lost City Trek is only for the trained hikers
Indigenous tribes live in the area with their own customs and way of living
Where jungle meets beach