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Pueblos - Towns

Colombia is home to plenty of small, authentic and charming “pueblos”, as the Colombians call their towns.

Depending on the climate, the local culture and the area the villages are located, there are many different types of lovely little “pueblos”. Each of them having its own charm, many of Colombia’s villages are definitely worth a visit. Enjoy the calm and friendly rural live, meet its inhabitants and stroll through picturesque, little streets...

Beautiful “pueblos” worth a visit are the villages of Antioquia, the department of Medellín. These “Paisa” towns usually have a church and a square in the center and are recognizable for its houses painted white with a bright color and the friendly men with sombreros calmly drinking their “tinto” (black coffee). Go to the towns of Filandia, Salento, Jardín, Guatapé or Santa Fe to discover a typical Paisa pueblo.  

Villa de Leyva is another unique and picturesque village. With its well-preserved colonial architecture and location high in the Andes, this historical town is one of Colombia’s top attractions. Three hours driving from Bogotá, this lovely little town welcomes its visitors to watch the whitewashed buildings with terracotta tile roofs and the cobbled streets dating from the 16th-century. On top of that, the village Ráquira, is located only forty minutes from Villa de Leyva. This town is also known as the “city of pots” and is one of the most colorful little villages of the whole continent. Take the chance to wander around in a multicolored world of good-priced handicrafts such as jewelry, ornaments and hammocks.

Not limited to the abovementioned “pueblos”, Colombia has many more beautiful villages to offer. Go out and discover yourself!


Horses are a typical sight in the Pueblos
Colorful houses everywhere!
Colorful houses everywhere!
Typical Colombian man in front of pub
Watching people is a great pastime
There is always a church in the center of the town, with a plaza around it
Villa de Leyva