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A world of overwhelming jungle, fantastic wildlife and the famous river

This unique and pristine piece of land accounts for a third of Colombia’s total area. The human impact has been relatively little and tourism is not very developed yet. What little there is can be found in and around the towns of Leticia and Puerto Nariño. Dive into a world of adventure and enjoy a pure and incomparable experience.

Being guided by local travel partners, the Colombian Amazon offers many experiences. Think of thrilling treks through the untamed jungle during the day or guided safari tours in the night. Explore the staggering biodiversity of the rain forest while bird watching, or learn all about the Amazon flora explained by one of the local experts. Go for water activities such as boat rides, kayaking or spotting the pink Amazon river dolphin. Whatever activity you’ll pick, it will be alongside the mind-blowing sounds of the jungle.

Living there for more than 10,000 years, the indigenous tribes have found ways of living in incredible harmony with the nature. With their communities deep in the jungle, the Colombian part of the Amazon is home to over 70 different indigenous ethnic groups. Till now, they have been able to keep their inspiring cultures intact.

Stay overnight in a hotel in Leticia. Real adventurers can even go for a boat cruise on the Amazon river for multiple days and sleep in a basic accommodation or in a hammock in the jungle.


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