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Whale watching

Being on a humpback whales migration route, the Pacific coast of Colombia is one of the best spots in the world to watch these enormous mammals.

From July to October, hundreds of humpback whales come to the warm and tropical waters of Colombia to give birth to their young. Behold this gift from Mother Nature just because it is simply impossible to forget your first whale watching experience...

Whale watch boat trips allow you to spot beaching humpbacks and mothers with calves. Watch the whales as they swim past, slap with their fins or breach out of the water from a distance. Despite of their huge size, it is safe to observe them as long appropriate distance is kept. As there are plenty of whales and because they come close to the beaches, it is even possible to watch them without leaving dry land.

The best places to experience this incredible phenomenon are the coastal areas of Nuquí, Bahía Solano and Bahía Málaga, being natural paradises with wind-swept beaches and a gigantic jungle. Plan the trip of a lifetime: go to the Pacific Coast of Colombia and see the humpbacks!