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For the perfect balanced trip that offers great value-for-money, comfort and good locations, our midrange accommodations might be what you’re looking for. Being located in good and safe areas, generally only a few blocks away from the central places, Colombia is full of great midrange accommodations that allow you to fully enjoy your journey.

Overnight stays will be in well-located midrange hotels, generally with 3 stars, or in the better hostels where you’ll have your private room. Here, you can expect to find a clean and good double room with a private bathroom, towels and Wi-Fi.

Regions like the Coffee Region, the Amazon and the Pacific Coast offer the possibility to enjoy an experience with locals and their way of life. Spend some nights in an authentic “hacienda” in the coffee triangle or sleep in a guesthouse runned by friendly Colombians.  

Breakfast is usually included and the type breakfast varies a bit from region to region. In general, you can expect to be served arepas, eggs, fresh fruit and other local delicacies.